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The Coffee Challenge

Hi. I'm Bob the roast master here at Lazy Lyon Coffee.  I roast gourmet coffee from all over the world and take pride in all of the coffee I roast and share.  Coffee beans from different countries are very different and have their own flavor characteristics.  But that is what makes it fun.  The challenge is to find the exceptional ones.  It is my experience that exceptional coffee is hard to find and in short supply.   Thus,  when I find one, it is often already sold out when I go back to buy more.  So my supply of any one coffee may be limited and will likely change rapidly.  I will do my best to keep my web page up to date


Good coffee is very flavorful.  To get the full experience you must drink the coffee slowly as it cools down.  Most of the flavors pop out when the coffee is warm and more drinkable.  So don't pound it down scalding hot.  Enjoy it slowly over time.


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