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NOTE:  LOW Residents – to remove shipping costs please click on the - LOW Resident - Code - where indicated in the cart upon check out and type “LOWVA.  This will remove the shipping charges and I will deliver your coffee to your doorstep.      




I will admit it – I really like good coffee.  But what I really enjoy is the hunt for really exceptional coffee.  For this reason, my stock of coffee tends to be limited and I may run out of a particular coffee quickly.  But all my different coffees are very good if not exceptional.  All of my coffee is Fair Trade/gourmet coffee were the coffee farmer is paid a premium for his hard labor and care of his crop.   Please enjoy the coffee, but if you find one you particularly like, I recommend purchasing more.  They do not last long. 

I currently plan to roast coffee one to two day a week depending on volume.  Please place your orders and I will do my best to roast your coffee the next day or two and ship it.  If you compare my prices to other small scale coffee roasters you will find that my prices are very low.  I am also at the mercy of the weather, thus severely cold weather may cause a delay.  Feel free to email me any questions ( and I will do my best to provide a prompt response.

LOW Residents:  If you live within Lake of the Woods, Virginia, you will not be charge for shipping if I can deliver it to your door.  Just type in the code ' LOWVA'  under the "LOW Resident - Code" when you check out and I will deliver it to your door.


A bold rich coffee with medium body, smooth and clean with a complex flavor profile and

dark cocoa notes.

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